There’s a lot of misinformation about the Baptist faith. Some people see it as exactly the same thing as Born Again Christianity or Fundamentalist Christianity. Other people have just never really explored the central tenants of the Baptist faith, and they may find it somewhat mysterious on many different levels. I can still remember growing up thinking that the Catholic Church wasn’t even a Christian church, which I had the misfortune to say among a bunch of actual practicing Catholics. In my defense, this was well before the Internet. Now that we live in the age of the Internet, I think that people should create more religious informational websites like this one.

I’m not trying to convert anyone here. This is not a place to go for the people who are interested in joining the faith, although welcome! This is a place for people who are just interested in learning more about the Baptist religion. They will learn what makes it different from many of the other Christian faiths that are being practiced today. They will learn about what Baptists really believe. They will also learn how they can go about joining the Baptist faith if that does, in fact, interest them. However, this website alone was not created for the sake of getting people involved in the faith. It is an introduction for friends, academics, well-wishers, and other people who may or may not decide to become Buddhists themselves at some point or another. Hopefully, this website will clear up misconceptions.