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The Export-Import Bank announced today it would halt financing deals with Russia and Russian companies. The Department of Treasury notified House Financial Services Chairman Jeb... Read More

The post Obama Administration Halts Export-Import Bank Deals With Russia appeared first on Daily Signal.

An Export-Import Bank official who was fired on suspicion of taking cash in exchange for helping a Florida company obtain financing cited his Fifth Amendment... Read More

The post Fired Export-Import Bank Official Pleads the Fifth at Hearing on Corruption, Fraud appeared first on Daily Signal.

Can people respect each other and treat one another civilly even while disagreeing about marriage? No, according to New York Times domestic correspondent Josh Barro.... Read More

The post My Exchange with Two New York Times Writers on Marriage Equality and Civility appeared first on Daily Signal.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analyzed several different payroll tax proposals to shore up Social Security’s finances, and the results are not very appealing. The... Read More

The post Can Higher Payroll Taxes Fix Social Security? appeared first on Daily Signal.

The Obama administration released Tuesday a new report warning that with accelerating climate change comes accelerating costs: Costs will increase by 40 percent each decade... Read More

The post Ignore the New Obama Administration Report on Climate Change Action appeared first on Daily Signal.

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Center for Individual Freedom 

[T]here is more at stake in the ultimate resolution of this matter than ObamaCare subsidies, or even the fiscal sustainability of ObamaCare itself.

It’s not too optimistic to believe that the American people are still capable of protecting their heritage. But first they have to know what that heritage is.
With the IRS scandal and immigration crisis revealing new depths of duplicity in the highest levels of the Obama administration, a pattern of deception is emerging that is lethal to the credibility of government leaders.

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