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On Thursday, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law, creating a firestorm in the Hoosier State. The legislation allows residents... Read More

The post How a Pastor Reacted to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law appeared first on Daily Signal.

While the United States moved out of Yemen last week, this week a Saudi Arabia-led coalition of a reported 10 mostly Arab states moved into... Read More

The post The Big Picture: Why Yemen Matters appeared first on Daily Signal.

In the wake of Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory in Israel, American leaders—both conservatives and liberals—should rethink their approach to the Middle East. Conservatives need to recognize... Read More

The post What Conservatives Get Wrong About the Middle East appeared first on Daily Signal.

Earlier this month, the House Budget Committee proposed spending almost $3.8 trillion in fiscal year 2016—one-fifth of the country’s total economic output. Yet much of... Read More

The post Let’s Start Figuring Out Whether Government Programs Are Working or Not appeared first on Daily Signal.

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In President Obama's world, Iran is not a threat, but an ally.
That state of affairs is the direct consequence of Obama's own behavior and choices as president.
If the Obama administration thought that canceling millions of individual insurance plans ahead of ObamaCare’s first enrollment period threatened to kill the controversial health law, wait until taxpayers get to experience paying penalties to a dysfunctional IRS.

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