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Heritage Foundation senior fellow Mike Gonzalez talks about his new book, “A Race for the Future,” released today. >>> First Look: Mike Gonzalez’s ‘A Race... Read More

The post Why the Left Sees Hispanics as Agents of Change appeared first on Daily Signal.

President Obama has led a chorus of cries for a review of a Pentagon program supplying “excess” weaponry and equipment to state and local police... Read More

The post ‘Militarization’ Critics Want to Review a Pentagon Program After Ferguson. But Police Get Gear This Way, Too. appeared first on Daily Signal.

Countless business owners across America have lost  bank accounts because of a Justice Department initiative called “Operation Choke Point.” According to a House report, the secretive... Read More

The post 4 Everyday Americans Hurt by Operation Choke Point appeared first on Daily Signal.

Listen to the radio and you might run across a segment that sounds something like a news report. A newsy music introduction plays as woman’s... Read More

The post FBI Radio: Public Service or Self-Serving? appeared first on Daily Signal.

Over the most recent decade for which data are available (2001–2011), the overall U.S. abortion rate, calculated as the annual number of abortions per 1,000... Read More

The post Why the Abortion Rate Is Declining appeared first on Daily Signal.

The Pew Forum 
Center for Individual Freedom 
It’s impossible to play by the rules when you don’t know the rulebook.
More than at any previous time in his presidency, Obama’s penchant for uncertainty and inaction is leaving the American people exposed to danger.
If the Obama Administration or Senator Brown were taken at their word, "economic patriotism" would result in Burger King moving its operations south to Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.

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