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What if on September 13, 2001, the U.S. had granted bail to a terrorist leader known for directing gruesome attacks that left 166 innocents dead... Read More

The post Pakistan Must Reverse Bail Decision on Mumbai Attack Leader appeared first on Daily Signal.

Opponents of reforms intended to improve the security and integrity of the election process are constantly peddling the narrative that election fraud is a nonexistent... Read More

The post Jail Time for Election Fraudster … and a Local Community Embraces the Fraud appeared first on Daily Signal.

A parody movie about a plan to kill North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un has gained more publicity than it bargained for—so much so that... Read More

The post 31 Twitter Reactions to ‘The Interview’ Being Pulled From Theaters appeared first on Daily Signal.

Yesterday afternoon, President Obama announced a series of drastic policy changes toward Cuba. What many are now viewing as concessions to the Castro regime following... Read More

The post Q&A on Obama’s Policy Changes Toward Cuba appeared first on Daily Signal.

Sen. Marco Rubio has come out swinging at President Obama’s decision to normalize relations with Cuba. The Florida Republican called it a “concession to tyranny.” Rubio,... Read More

The post Marco Rubio Blasts Obama’s Cuba Plan, Deeming It a ‘Concession to Tyranny’ appeared first on Daily Signal.

The Pew Forum 
Media Contact: Katherine Ritchey, Communications Manager 202-419-4564, Washington, Dec. 15, 2014 — A new Pew Research Center survey finds that 44% of Americans say Christian symbols like nativity scenes should be allowed on government property even if they are not accompanied by symbols from other religions. In addition, 28% of U.S. adults say that […]
A majority of Americans believe the historical accuracy of the biblical Christmas story and also look forward to gathering with friends and family for the holidays.
Center for Individual Freedom 
If there is to be any hope in checking the executive branch’s unilateral expansion of its own authority, the federal judiciary must take this challenge seriously, and remind President Obama that once upon a time he was correct.
Which brings us to this week's defective "torture" report, seen by many as a parting shot from Senator Diane Feinstein (D - California) as she prepares for minority party status.
The Left’s contempt for the South is telling. Progressives claim that the region doesn’t reflect real American values — yet no part of the country sends more men and women into the armed services.

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