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Ghosts and goblins aren’t the only things causing unease this Halloween. With their children settled into the 2014-15 school year, parents have growing concerns about... Read More

The post 10 Reasons Why Common Core Should Spook You This Halloween appeared first on Daily Signal.

Lost in the debate about whether New Jersey or Maine should enact quarantine against a nurse who just returned from treating Ebola patients in West... Read More

The post States Have Legal Authority to Quarantine Citizens Exposed to Ebola appeared first on Daily Signal.

You soon could be paying more when you buy a candy bar. Recently, there was a temporary spike in the price of cocoa, the key... Read More

The post How Ebola Outbreak Could Affect the Price of Chocolate appeared first on Daily Signal.

Earlier this week The Heritage Foundation hosted the session “Ebola: U.S. Domestic and Foreign Policy Options,” presented by three former colleagues of mine: Dr. Bob... Read More

The post Ebola Preparedness: Yearning for Yesteryear appeared first on Daily Signal.

Tragedy struck Mary Ann Mendoza’s family in May when an illegal immigrant, who was driving drunk, killed her son. Brandon Mendoza, a Mesa, Ariz., police... Read More

The post Her Son Was Killed by an Illegal Immigrant. Now, She’s Making Her Anti-Amnesty Case to Obama. appeared first on Daily Signal.

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In modern history, the vast majority of chief executives have been chosen as correctives to their predecessor’s shortcomings.
[i]f writing off Obama constitutes a trigger for his "red-hot anger," then what foreign or domestic figure is not subject to such anger?
Frustration with ObamaCare’s bait-and-switch of low premiums and high deductibles is causing some liberals to demand a so-called 'Medicare-for-All' solution.

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